Our Pilots:

Soren Monroe-Anderson

With 5+ years of drone flying experience, Soren has honed his skills as one of the top racing pilots in the world. As the 2020 MultiGP Drone Racing national champion, along with his podium finishes in Korea, Switzerland, and at home in the USA, he is well respected within the FPV community. For as long as Soren has been flying, he has also been a photographer. By combining these skill-sets, he is able to capture unique angles through FPV.


Liam Flanagan

Along with being a well known FPV freestyle pilot, Liam Flanagan is one of the top drone racing pilots in the United States, with a rank of 9th place at the 2019 national championships, and a podium finish at the 2019 North American Masters, to name a few. His engineering and photography skills allow us to build and fly the perfect camera platform for any job.